Shopping baskets

Shopping Baskets

Baskets and trolleys for shopping baskets are the necessary equipment for every self-service store, supermarket and hypermarket.
The Kon-Plast Group is a leader in domestic and foreign production of plastic shopping baskets. Shopping baskets are perfect for establishments where optimal space management is a key. It is also important that the baskets made of our raw materials look aesthetic, and thanks to their high elasticity, they also protect other store furniture from damage.

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    We offer shop baskets on wheels and only with a handgrip. Currently, we offer baskets of various capacities.

    Shopping baskets on wheels and with a foldable handle are available in a capacities of 35, 38, 45 and 55 liters. On the other hand, baskets without wheels with handgrips, have capacities of 20, 22, 28 liters. To make shopping light and pleasant, the handles in some baskets have a double handle and are mounted in many ways. We also offer ecological shopping baskets made of recycled materials. They are produced with the IML label: ECO FRIENDLY BASKET.

    To keep the baskets in order and to optimize the space, we have also introduced metal trolleys with and without a handle, which are useful in the checkout area of ​​the store. They are designed for baskets  with a capacities of 20 l, 22 l and 28 l. They have swivel wheels on a slide bearing with a diameter of 50 mm. Metal trolleys are coated with galvanic zinc and varnish, have a load capacity of 40 kg.

    All shopping baskets are made of polymers such as: polypropylene, polyethylene, polycarbonate, polystyrene and many others available on the European market. Our shopping baskets are approved for contact with food. On the other hand, the handles for baskets on wheels, where aluminum profiles are mounted, comply with the PN EN 755-9 standard. For the sake of our health and safety, the Kon-Plast Group products do not contain toxic substances. The company guarantees the production of shopping baskets free from Bisphenol A or BPA. These baskets, thanks to appropriate segregation, are recyclable and are environmentally friendly. Ecology is very important to us and despite the production of plastic materials, we ensure high environmental, health and quality standards. In order to visually identify the shopping basket, it is possible to place the logo of a given company, market or self-service store. Marking is permanent and resistant to external factors, it is carried out according to our own design by screen printing, pad printing and IML method. Marking with IML is an innovative method of fusing the label into the structure of the article during the production process, which guarantees excellent durability of the pattern, resistance to moisture, UV rays or dirt. We offer baskets in standard colors such as red, blue, yellow, green.

    The handles are produced in black. It is possible to produce shop baskets in any color from the RAL color palette.

    The production of shopping baskets is carried out in injection molding machines. The machine takes the granules to which the dye has been added. Dye constitutes only 1% of the raw material and can give a clear color to the manufactured item.
    The granulate is taken to the hopper, then by gravity it is fed to the cylinder of the injection molding machine, where it is liquefied at a temperature of 200 degrees. Inside the cylinder there is a screw transporting the plasticized raw material to the coupling zone.

    The raw material is then injected into the mold at a pressure of approximately 120 bar. After opening the mold, the robot picks up the basket, and the operator installs two handles in it. The finished product is tested at internal quality control. For IML shopping baskets, the robot takes a color label with a pattern and places it inside the mold. Due to electrostatic forces, the foil is kept in the right place in the mold and adheres with the entire surface without moving. After the mold is closed, the material is injected and then the robot receives the basket with the logo.

    The big advantage of plastic baskets is the maintenance of an appropriate level of hygiene, because they are very easy to clean and disinfect. It is particularly important that the appropriate raw material was used and the inner surface of the basket is smooth and is also resistant to low and high temperatures. Shopping baskets of the Kon-Plast Group, thanks to modern technology, ensure their durability, lightness, appropriate design and care for the natural environment.