Big Boxes

Big boxes are necessary for storage in the food and construction industries. They are made of 100% original HDPE material. What is more, they are certified for contact with food and are compatible with other boxes available on the European market.

The dimensions of the BIG BOX Chempion are: length: 1200mm, width: 1000mm, height: 790mm, capacity 680 liters and load capacity up to 500 kg. They are characterized by quality, high resistance to mechanical damage, weather conditions and UV radiation - therefore they can be stored outside the buildings. Big Boxes are available in full and openwork versions, on 2 or 3 skids or 4 feet. In addition, we also have variants equipped with wheels attached to the feet or a cover. In full and openwork version, it is possible to install a drain tap with a cross section of 1 inch or 2 inches. It enables the liquids to be poured out from the container, which makes cleaning much easier without the need to manually turn the box to the side.

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    For visual identification of the container, it is possible to place a logo of a given company. The marking is permanent and resistant to external factors due to the fact that it is engraved. Logotype dimensions: width: 213 mm and height: 100 mm. Standard colors for boxes are green and gray. However, for bigger quantities it is possible to produce in any color .

    The construction of the box allows the storage of loose products or liquids, hence it is perfect for the storage, sorting and transport of fruit, vegetables and other agricultural products. It will also be useful in the automotive, construction and many other industries. In order to efficiently use the storage space, the construction of the pallet box has been designed in a way that allows it to be stacked and transported with forklifts.
    One of the biggest advantages of plastic boxes is the maintenance of hygiene, because they are very easy to clean and disinfect. It is particularly important that the inner surface of the container is smooth. It is also resistant to low and high temperatures.

    Our plastic boxes ensure product durability and resistance to external factors and mechanical damage. Therefore, the life cycle of this container is much longer. It can be used many times, which minimizes company’s storage costs. It can be used for storing goods in cold stores and warehouses, or to transport.

    Ecology is very important to us. Despite the production of plastic materials, we ensure high environmental, health and quality standards. Our boxes are 100% recyclable and are environmentally friendly.