Plastic pocket and stands

Plastic pockets and stands

Information about the offer, promotions or new products is often placed on counter tops, shelves, shop tables, in restaurants and hung on windows. To ensure the right message of the poster or flyer, we must place the printout in a poster stand or pocket.

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    The poster stands we offer are perfect for displaying advertising graphics. The stands are made of plastic from PMMA material, i.e. high-quality acrylic, 2 mm thick. These stands are very stable and solid. They blend in with any interior of a shop or service premises. They are most often available in formats from A3 to A8 vertically or horizontally. However, it is possible to make them any size.

    The most popular advertising stand is the L-type poster stand, where a poster is placed between the walls of colorless acrylic, which, together with the appropriate graphics, will effectively attract the customer's attention. On the other hand, the T-type and "Berkel" poster stands are perfect for dining venues for menu display, as well as for desks and shop counters.

    In turn, V-type stands are very often used to display product information and regulations. Most often, customers order the formats from A5 to A7 vertically or horizontally. We also have the possibility to make any dimensions of the V-type stands according to the customer's order.
    The acrylic advertising stand is sent to the customer in a protective foil that protects against scratches and abrasions that may arise during transport. Most stands have a protective foil on both sides of the product. The protective foil is usually white, blue or transparent and it perfectly protects our stands against damage or scratching.

    We also offer a wide range of L-type poster stands made of PVC foil with a thickness of 0.7 mm. They are a replacement for an acrylic poster stand. The PVC information stand is made of anti-reflective foil, in the back part it has two folds, between which a poster or a leaflet is inserted.  As standard, they are available in sizes from A4 to A6 vertically or horizontally.

    The poster pocket is also quite a popular advertising medium in shop surfaces. We have poster pockets with adhesive and magnetic tapes, U-type poster pockets and pockets with metal eyelets, with three folds, or waterproof pockets. Poster pockets protect a poster or a leaflet against external factors and allow it to be placed anywhere, depending on the mounting surface. Poster pockets are made of 0.3 mm thick anti-reflective PVC foil.

    U-type poster pockets are designed to place the leaflet inside the frame, while the pocket with metal eyelets is used to hang the poster anywhere.
    In order to protect the information with the price of the article from being damaged, there are special price covers, which are available with a metal eyelet made of 0.2 mm foil, and price covers with 1 eyelet made of soft, glossy PVC foil. The price cover made of soft flash / flash foil can also be used as a pocket for a leaflet, poster or ID card, it can also be hung anywhere. They are available in sizes from A4 to A7.  

    Plastic poster frames are offered in sizes from A1 to A6. The poster is placed in a frame with the use of an opening, where the poster is inserted together with a U-type poster pocket made of anti-reflective foil 0.3 mm thick. The pocket protects the poster against external factors.

    Poster frames are perfect for the entire set of a telescopic tripod, which includes: a tripod base with a tube holder and a telescopic tripod with a plastic external brake and a T-handle for the frame. We only add an information poster to this set, inserted into a plastic frame. The tripod supports are available in plastic and powder coated steel versions and are available in gray and black. The whole is an excellent advertisement for the product in any place related to trade. The telescopic tubes for the stand are made of anodized aluminum, it is also possible to cut the tubes to any required size.  In places where it is not possible to place the stands on a straight surface, they can be attached, for example, to shopping baskets using the DK Holder, which, attached to a telescopic tube and a shopping basket, will perfectly inform you about further promotions.

    Poster frames can be produced in various colors according to the customer's needs or shop visualization. As standard, we have poster frames in the following colors: red, green, yellow, transparent, gray, blue, black, white and orange.

    Plastic frames are very functional and durable, you can use them many times by changing only the poster inside, which gives a wide range of advertising opportunities in shops and supermarkets.