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We execute orders from conception, visualization and detailed design to the production phase. We have a design office equipped with modern software ( CAD / CAM - VISI Series) and our own tool. We design molds, heads, calibrators.

<p><span lang="EN-US">We offer the POS equipment to shopping centre: baskets shop, price strips, shelf dividers, poster frames. And many other accessories needed in the shop for the best visibility of the goods. Since 2015, the offer of products was expanded for household goods: storage containers, baskets, buckets, salad kits, containers for cakes and many other articles.</span></p>
<p><span lang="EN-US">We have a modern equipment, which guarantee of effective use is a profound experience of the Chairman and the level of qualified staff, which in a fixed composition for years working on the company's success. </span></p>
<p><span lang="EN-US">The attributes of our company are (this): the quality of our products, punctuality in the execution of orders and competitive prices. These attributes have introduced the company to the elite group of companies carrying out orders to the most reputable companies in Europe.</span></p>
<p><span lang="EN-US">We realize orders from the executive phase of the project to the production phase. We have a design office equipped with modern software and our own tool. We make injection form, heads and calibrators.   <br /></span></p>
<p><span lang="EN-US">In Kon-Plast Group Sp. o.o. Sp.k. the key objectives, plans of development and modernization are effective implemented. According to the strategy constantly adjusts the potential of the company to the requirements of the contemporary market and the changing needs of different customer groups.</span></p>

We have our vehicles which allow us to provide services on time. We also work with group of carriers to your order was quickly delivered

Maintaining optimal size of inventory allows us to fulfill orders within 24 hours.

We have a department of extruders and injection molding machines :

  • Department of injection molding machines is equipped with injection molding machines with clamping force from 20 t to 4000 t and injection weight to 50 kg.
  • Department of profiles is equipped with production lines with a capacity of 120 kg / h .

All the lines are equipped with coextrudery , which enables the production of profiles of different hardness and colorings .