Price profiles

Pricing strips are the necessary equipment for every store, not only a self-service store, a supermarket or a hypermarket but also a warehouse or wholesaler. They are used to properly and permanently organize the assortment and effectively display prices and necessary information about the product. Ma to tym większe znaczenie, że cena danego produktu wielokrotnie decyduje o dokonaniu transakcji zakupu towaru.

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    As a manufacturer of price strips, we offer a wide range of these profiles, which depends on the purpose and type of a given store shelf.

    We can distinguish:

    universal price profiles with double-sided adhesive tape:


    Push-in price profiles:

    HSAC, IP, HAM, DX, LS, TE, MOEKS, UT, PEK wciskany, CC, DBX, LG

    Price profiles for glass and wooden shelves:

    GLS, CC

    Price strips for racks and wire baskets:

    KE, PC-KOSZ, Angle bar
    Swinging labels DRA 30, 39, 52, 73 for wire 4 or 5 or 6 mm

    Price profiles for shelves type: Tego, Storebest, Linde, Adams, Decor-Metall, Wanz-Siegel, Hansa Martens, Hermes, Detroit, Fortezza, Ucge, Arneg

    Kon-Plast Group profiles are perfect for keeping prices under a transparent cover, and colored stripes with price channel data give traders the opportunity to branding and color-code a selected section. Thanks to our price profiles, we can ensure order and aesthetics of prices on the shelves. The price profiles have a transparent dust cover, usually with double-sided adhesive tape. They are made of polystyrene, PVC, plexiglass or PET. The granulates used are of the highest quality, mainly from reputable producers. As a standard, we produce our price profiles in transparent, white, blue, green, red, yellow, black or according to the RAL palette.

    Dimensions and shapes are adjusted to the customer's needs. The Kon-Plast Group, as a manufacturer of price profiles, can provide customers with price tags and shelf strips of the highest quality at a very attractive price. Most often, the strips are cut to the desired, required size, section and length of the customer. The profile is glued to the shelf with a strong foam or transparent tape. The price is placed behind a transparent, rigid PVC cover. Price profiles are used by most supermarkets in Poland and abroad. The assembly of the price profile is usually very easy, as is placing the necessary information about the product in it.

    Marking each product with a price is extremely time-consuming and therefore currently in most supermarkets and self-service stores, slats with the most important information are used.  
    Price profiles guarantee a clear presentation of product prices, as well as high durability and resistance to various conditions of use. The material is scratch-resistant.